Soapbox Forums

This module allows you to run an online discussion forum for your franchisees and staff. Create dedicated rooms/forums where franchisees can chat about things online. Great for product knowledge sharing, generating ideas and maintaining a relationship online.

Standard Features


  • Create an unlimited number of forums/rooms for online discussion.
  • Allow users (franchisees and staff members) to create an online profile to access the forums.
  • All the standard forum features you would expect, so franchisees can post topics and other respond/comment, but with the benefit of running it entirely from within FranchiZeManager.
  • You maintain control and transparency into the discussion.
  • Admin rights allow NSO staff to delete and amend topics and comments that aren’t appropriate.



Optional Extras 


  • Customise the forums in any way required.
  • Build private forums that can be used by only approved users. Useful to running Franchisee┬áAdvisory Councils and the like.