Stock Ordering

This module will add a complete stock ordering system to FranchiZeManager. It can be as simple, or as complex, as required. Allow franchisees to build stock orders and submit them for fulfillment to National Support Office, or other suppliers.

Standard Features


  • Create an unlimited number of stock items, including all the usual details such as item codes, description, pricing, tax, pictures etc.
  • Allow Franchisees to create a stock order and complete it with selected items.
  • Franchisees can submit stock orders for packing and delivery by National Support Office or other suppliers.
  • Stock orders can convert into invoices and be sent to franchisees.
  • Print PDF stock orders and invoices.



Optional Extras


  • Add additional complexity, such as inventory management, stock level notifications, auto-build of items, etc.
  • Customise the module in any way required.