Top 10 Reasons to use FZM for best practice franchise recruitment and sales

Top 10 Reasons To Use FZM for Recruitment

#1 – Autoloaders
Set up autoloaders from your website enquiry form and social media platforms, have new franchise enquiries automatically load into FZM and never key a new lead inquiry again

#2 – Campaigns
Set up email campaigns to have FZM send email communications automatically to candidates. Create simple auto responders or more detailed drip campaigns that set emails based on your specifications.

#3 – Pipeline Management
Set-up your sales stages in FZM to match your process and track candidates as they progress through the pipeline. This ensures FZM matches your business processes and helps you better manage your pipeline.

#4 – Better Governance
Every franchisor knows the increasing need for better governance. Track all the key dates, conversations, FDDs, tasks in a system as evidence of good process. FZM has you covered when and if things go bad.

#5 – Template Emails
Stop typing the same email over and over again. Using FZM’s template email system you can type once and send customised email communication at the click of a button. All while tracking opens, clicks and bounces.

#6 – Online Applications (RFCs)
Stop using paper and PDF forms to collect information from Candidates. FZM will put your application form online, collect the data by sending a template email to a client with a few clicks.

#7 – Built in Text/SMS
Text messaging increases candidate engagement and can speed up your recruitment processes. Send and receive text messages right from a candidate record, even use the template system to save typing.

#8 – Built in Psych Profiling
Understand more about your Candidate and their likelihood of success in your franchise. Send invites and get completed reports from The FranchiZe Predictor right from within FZM.

#9 – Electronic Signed Documents
Get legally binding documents executed fast with our SignRequest integration. Great for critical legal documents such as NDA’s and consent for credit checks.

#10 – Dashboard Reporting
Get clear visual reporting on the status of your pipeline, performance against target, conversion rates, outcome analysis, recruiter performance, and other important key performance indicators.