We Don’t Support IE7

Sorry users but you can’t use Microsoft IE version 7 (or less) to access FranchiZeManager (FRm). It will not work. Some new users have asked “why-not?”, well this is why:

IE7 has been around since 2006. And currently IE7 only has about 4% market share in the browser market worldwide.

Most of the big software companies have dropped support for IE7. This includes Google, Facebook, Drupal, and even Microsoft (its creator) encouraged / forced users to auto-update to the latest version of IE.

We do not support this 6 year old browser due to the following reasons:

– We want to focus on modern browser versions to provide users with a better browsing experience of rich content in HTML5 and CSS.

– Hatchit has developed a number of features across our applications which IE7 capability does not support.

– Users should experience faster and better security for web surfing with a modern browser.

– Browsers are free and easy to download and install, so there really is no excuse not to do it.