Are you stuck using spreadsheets, email, and shared drives, struggling to get out from under your pile of paperwork? Wish you could be working on growing your franchise network instead?


FranchiZeManager franchise management software was built to be your comprehensive solution for the entire franchise life cycle. Much more than a CRM, it has inbuilt knowledge and automation to save Franchisors time, money, and aggravation.

Easily manage and grow your network

Personalised access for your team anywhere, anytime

Completely customisable system to suit to your needs

Single system to manage the entire franchisee relationship

Affordable, fixed monthly cost

Over 30 powerful modules built for the complex needs of Franchisors

Franchisee Management

Comprehensive CRM to effectively manage the entire lifecycle of your franchisee

New franchisee enquiries

Keep your enquiries/leads hot with automated follow-ups and reminders

Recruitment CRM

Manage and nurture candidates through the recruitment pipeline from first contact to appointment as a Franchisee

Field Visits

Schedule, track and report on your Franchisee field visits

Document Management

Easily store, search and retrieve all types of documents and collateral material

Performance Benchmarking

Upload your data and report on franchisee performance with dashboards, rankings and charts

Email Archive

Automatically archive emails from Outlook within FranchiZeManager for a complete correspondence history

Customer Management

Keep your customer database online as part of FranchiZeManager.

A complete online learning management system.


Manage your training events online in FZM.

Online Calendars

Share calendars online for transparent scheduling

File / Contact Notes

Easily record file notes and build a contact history

Property Leases

Store your Property Leases online alongside your franchisee information

New Store Opener

Efficiently manage the process of opening new stores / franchisees with complete project management functionality

Dashboards & Charting

A suite of graphical dashboards to help you keep track of every aspect of your franchise network

Online Applications

Move all your application forms on-line

HR Management

Store all your employee & contractor details on-line

News, FAQs, Noticeboards

Distribute news items, presentations and newsletters to franchisees and staff

HatchitMail (New!)

Create and send mass email campaigns. Track opens, clicks and bounces with this full email marketing & communications system.

Franchisee Staff Directory

Keep a directory of franchisee staff members and their data.

Franchisee Business Plans

Allow Franchisees to create template based business plans directly from the system

Franchisee Forums

Online forums and discussion boards for your franchisee community


Allow Franchisees to generate personalised PDF invoices for customers from the system

Electronic Communications

Create and send template based email communications

Stock Ordering

A complete on-line ordering system for franchisees to order stock from you

Contact Management

Store all your contacts online and allow your staff simple shared access to phone, address and any other details

Customer Complaints

Manage customer complaints and praise from first contact through to resolution

Franchise Royalties

Fully automated royalty calculation and invoicing

AlertZee (New!)

The installed phone/tablet app that will revolutionise the way you communicate with your franchisees.

The modules you need, when you need them.

Create the franchise management system that makes your business work better.

We appreciate that every franchise is unique and special in its own way.


That’s why FranchiZeManager’s modular franchise management system allows for complete customisation to optimally suit your business needs. Don’t want to see some modules? Let’s hide them. Need to add fields to capture new data? No problem. Have a unique business process or workflow you need to automate? Let’s get it done and ease your workload.


With FranchiZeManager you don’t have to live with workarounds or franchise management software that only does 80% of what you need. Get exactly what works best for you.


Average # days to implement a Customisation Request

Easy to implement, easy to use… and easy to do business with.

With over 20 years of experience working with Franchisors, we have a pretty good idea what you are looking for…. and how you prefer to operate.


That’s why we don’t require contracts or long-term agreements. We prove our value to you every month. Why we offer a ‘one-stop’ system plus training and complete implementation support. We’ll get you up and running smoothly and painlessly in weeks, not months.  And why we offer brilliant service promptly by phone, email and even hands-on remote access. We make it so easy, you’ll wish you got started sooner!

Trusted by leading franchised brands (worldwide)…

Our clients span all types and sizes, across multiple countries.


From service industries to large retail chains, the FranchiZeManager franchise management system can scale to any size. We also have non-franchised multi-unit operators running retail store networks, dealership chains and licensee models.

Want to learn more about how FranchizeManager can help streamline and grow your business?

Our experienced team will talk with you to understand your unique requirements. You’ll get access to pricing and a fully functioning demonstration site. Together, we can determine how you can best utilize our franchise management software to manage and grow your business while staying within your budget.

Our users tell us once they see FranchiZeManager in action, they wonder how they ever lived without it.

Please complete the form and we’ll be happy to show you why. We respect your privacy, we don’t share your data in any manner.

What Happens Next?

You will hear from a specialist, usually within a couple hours, to set-up a brief 15 minute phone call to discuss your business requirements.

We have a custom-tailored demonstration to walk you through how FranchiZeManager can best address your specific business needs. You then receive access to the demo site, so you can review it at your own pace.

We discuss any optional customisations, if needed, and come back to you with a plan.

Upon confirmation, we promptly set-up your site and assist with your data migration and training.

You go-live and get back to managing your franchise network instead of letting it manage you!