The Franchise Management System for Franchisors

franchizemanager was built to be your comprehensive system solution to manage the entire franchise life cycle. Much more than a CRM, it has inbuilt knowledge and automation to save Franchisors time, money, and aggravation.

Franchise Management CRM

The FZM Platform

An Integrated Suite of Franchise Management Modules

Over 30 modules built for the specific needs of franchisors.
Create the solution that matches your requirements. Start with what you need now and add functionality over time as the need arises.

A Software Solution for All Franchisors

Whether you’re emerging, or a larger, more established brand, FZM’s powerful cloud platform can help you grow, scale and optimize your business. Navigate the franchise growth journey with solutions specifically designed and perfected to help franchisors address their biggest opportunities and challenges.

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Don't get bogged down by competitors’ lengthy onboarding processes, waiting months to onboard and access features that could be driving your growth right now. FZM gets you started within 48 hours of signup, with no set-up fees and seamless data migration – all included.


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Learn how to leverage the latest LLMs and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools in your franchise recruitment process and also when providing support to your franchisees. Join Rodney Boyd for a 45 minute discussion.

Why FranchizeManager?

18 years in the business...
we know franchising

We've worked with all kinds of Franchisors, in every industry imaginable for the last two decades. We know franchising and we know what franchisors want.

Fast Releases

FZM is constantly evolving. New releases and updates are regular and customisation requests are implemented fast.

Proven Reliability

Our systems operate with 99.99%+ uptime They are highly scalable, we can handle your loads and grow with you.


Customize the system to meet whatever requirement you have. If you have the idea, we can build it.

Worldwide Reach

We operate production servers across 4 continents and support clients in 12 different countries.

Friendly & Fast Support

Our support team is efficient and friendly. We will help you get set-up and working fast plus provide ongoing support.

Realistic Economics

We price realistically and transparently. We don't charge per user fees, and there's no surprises, so you can scale with us.


What Clients Say about FZM

We've worked with all kinds of Franchisors, in every industry imaginable for the last two decades. We know franchising and we know what franchisors want.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common pre-sales questions are below. But please reach out to our friendly sales team for a discussion - we customize and we make things work.

FZM is an incredibly “flexible” system that can be configured to suit a wide variety of franchisors. Many requirements can be met by backend set-ups that either you can do yourself or our friendly support team can assist you with. For example, changing drop-down options, renaming things, adding and adjusting access levels are simple and fast configuration changes from the back-end of FZM.

If you have bigger needs, and need true customization, then this is where our professional services can assist. You dream it and we can build it. FZM has built amazing customisations that make the system truly yours. Some FZM installations are unrecognizable to the standard site… build new modules, integrate with other systems, build new features or automations.

The FZM platform is robust, secure, and proven. The team is knowledgeable, skilled and delivers agile development services. It’s the perfect combination to deliver the system you need.

Your data is stored on servers which are located in a professionally managed and secure data center on enterprise class servers. The data centre has complete power and internet redundancy. Everything is stored on robustly designed cloud infrastructure protecting against hardware failure. We also have a comprehensive Privacy Policy that can be viewed here.

The data you enter into franchizemanager  belongs to you. FZM is providing the system that stores your data, we claim no rights over your data. We will never share or sell your data. We will never access your data without your prior approval e.g. when doing customisations.

We undertake a full back-up of your data on a 24 hour basis plus we maintain transaction logs allowing us to undertake point in time recovery of your data. We hold back-ups for a period of 14 days.

When we receive your Sign-Up form we get your installation ready within 2 business days and issue your initial user logins. We then commence the set-up and data migration. The duration of this process depends on how much data you have and where it is currently stored.

The FZM Support team will work closely with you during this phase. They will ask a lot of questions about your business processes and you will need to provide the team with collateral to load into the system (campaign templates, online applications, recruitment stages etc). 

In general, you should plan on about 2 to 3 weeks for an average implementation time frame.

We invoice monthly in advance. You will be sent a pdf invoice to your designated billing email address in your chosen currency. You may pay by Electronic Funds Transfer to our bank account in your country (Australia, NZ, UK, USA, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, EU Sepa) or by Credit Card. Payment terms are strictly 30 days. Sorry we do not accept cheque payments.

You may stop using franchizemanager at any time with 30 days written (including email) notice. We will export your data  and when you have confirmed with us that the exporting process is complete we will close down your franchizemanager site and all data will be permanently deleted.

The FZM system is constantly under development. We have monthly releases and major ones about twice a year. There is an extensive road map of additional features that we work though and add items in each release. This road-map is largely driven by customer requests.

We try very hard to make FZM work for every franchisor, regardless of size, industry or sector. We know the value that FZM can bring to a business like yours and we want FZM to be an economically viable option for all franchisors.

We can tailor pricing to your specific needs, but generally speaking these are the principals we work under:

  • We don’t charge per user fees because we don’t believe that model scales well for our clients. We want you to create a user login for everyone at Head Office. We believe everyone at the head office should be using FZM. We also want to be your system provider for life, as you grow the economics of FZM should remain viable. 
  • We scale our fees based on the number of franchise units you have. It isn’t a per unit fee, it is banded (1 to 10 units is a set fee per month, 11 to 50 units etc). 
  • We also scale our fees based on the modules that you use. 
  • In this manner you get a known fixed fee per month. You can budget and you will know what you 
  • Customisation fees are charged on an hourly rate and they are quoted in advance. 
  • With FZM there’s no nasty invoice surprises, ever. 

We offer packages of modules on our pricing page but we can always work with you on custom pricing where you pick the modules.

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It can be hard to understand the workflow without some guidance. So feel free to start below but reach out at any time and we can arrange a zoom and we will walk you through the  system.

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