About Us

Throughout the past 22 years in the franchise sector, we often watched clients struggle with the daily work-flows and business processes required to manage a high performance franchise network. From our time as consultants and franchise software distributors to the time we became a technology solutions provider in 2009, our passion has always been about helping Franchisors prosper.

The inspiration for franchizemanager came after being asked by a client to recommend a technology solution to assist with recruitment. We searched the market to find a product that we were comfortable recommending, but simply could not find one that we were willing to stake our reputation on. Not to mention the features were limited and the prices were exorbitant for the majority of franchise networks – still relatively small, but poised for growth. It was in that moment that we started a plan to build and launch what would become franchizemanager.

Starting with a simple system to better manage the recruitment process, franchizemanager has since expanded to include almost every critical area of managing a franchise network based on real-world Franchisor experiences and best practices. In addition, custom built modules can do literally any business function you require.

Our mission is to have the best franchise management system on the market – worldwide. Great functionality for Franchisors, a common sense approach to implementation, rapid customisation and all at a reasonable cost. We look forward to growing with you.


Hatch Consulting founded by Rodney Boyd in Sydney, Australia. Initial focus was as a technology consulting firm, providing expertise and advice as a professional services firm.


The business expanded to include the development of web-based software solutions. Technical expertise was employed in house. The business was re-branded to Hatchit.


First version of franchizemanager released to the market in Australia & New Zealand. Growing to become one of the worlds largest franchise management systems.


franchizemanager launched in the USA. Becoming the preferred technology supplier to one of the largest broker groups in the US franchizemanager instantly become the supplier to over 200 franchisors in the USA.


franchizemanager is launched in the UK and Europe. First version of Zoop launched providing services to non-franchised businesses. First staff employed in the Phillipines. Servicing 50+ clients worldwide.


franchizemanager now available in four languages with production servers running from 6 different data centres worldwide.


franchizemanager continues to grow even through the global pandemic with a client base now spanning from single unit lawn mowers to multi-national banks.


120+ clients covering 4 continents. Staff in Australia, UK, Asia and Latin America. Delivering world class technology solutions to businesses. Proudly self funded and privately owned.