These FAQs relate to pre-sales questions. For existing clients looking for technical support please visit the Support Centre.

Sales Questions

Absolutely! Engaging in a conversation with our sales team is typically the most efficient and effective way to begin. A brief 15-minute discussion can swiftly assist you in determining whether we are the ideal solution for your business needs.

You can select the method that best fits your preference:

1) Schedule a 15-minute call,

2) Shoot us an email, or

3) Initiate a live chat (if our team is currently available).

Absolutely, there is a complete demo site available for immediate access. The demo site corresponds to our “Pro-Plan” account, which is the most frequently chosen starting point for new clients. It’s important to note that franchizemanager is a sophisticated system with extensive built-in intellectual property (IP) and workflows that may not be immediately apparent to first-time users just by exploring on their own.

Therefore, we encourage you to get in touch with us for a brief Zoom screen-sharing session, where we can guide you through the intricacies of the system and demonstrate how it works.

Simply click here for a brief walkthrough of the system. Keep in mind that with over 40 modules available, this video won’t cover the entire breadth of the system. It’s designed to whet your appetite and provide a glimpse into our approach.

If you find yourself intrigued, we highly recommend scheduling a Zoom session with us to delve deeper into your unique needs and explore how we can tailor our solution to meet them.

We advise that virtually everyone involved in interactions with franchisees should have a user login. This encompasses Area Managers and operational support staff.

It’s essential to note that, unlike our competitors, we don’t impose charges “per user,” so there’s no cost-saving associated with reducing user numbers. Our goal is to encourage widespread utilization of the system, and we want all your staff to derive value from it.

Installation & Set Up Questions

No, all customizations to your franchizemanager installation are handled by our team on your behalf. This approach is faster, more cost-effective, and ultimately better for you.

However, there are many “self service” options you can adjust to customise the system to your workflows and needs.

Certainly! We understand that each franchise is unique, and on the Enterprise Plan we can collaborate with you to customize your franchizemanager system according to your specific requirements. Some clients have done extensive customisations with new modules, workflows and functionality, resulting in systems that barely resemble franchizemanager. Our professional services team can deliver any system requirement you have. 

We recommend beginning with the standard installation as it will assist you in identifying the precise changes you need. For customizations, we offer the option of a fixed-price quote or a per-hour rate along with a time estimate. In most cases, customizations can be efficiently and cost-effectively completed.

Once you’re prepared to move forward, we can have your installation set up and ready within 1-2 business days if no customization is needed. Following this, the timeline for data migration depends on the volume of data and its current storage location.

On average, you should anticipate a 3 to 4-week timeframe for a typical implementation process.

Certainly! We have a dedicated data team that can aid you in seamlessly transitioning your data from any existing system to franchizemanager accurately and promptly. Typically, we do not impose fees for this service, unless handling a particularly extensive dataset that necessitates significant manipulation.

With franchizemanager (fzm), once you receive your logins, your data is generally already migrated into your system. This process is swift, efficient, and demands minimal effort on the client’s part.

Security, Data and Departure Questions

Your data is securely stored on servers situated in a professionally managed data center, featuring enterprise-class servers. This data center is equipped with complete power and internet redundancy for optimal reliability. All information is stored on a robustly designed cloud infrastructure, offering protection against hardware failures.

Rest assured, we prioritize data security, implementing first-class procedures in line with ISO12007 standards. We take our role as data custodians very seriously, and your data security is at the core of the service we provide. All data is collected and stored under our comprehensive Privacy Policy [here].

All data is housed in a professionally managed data center, and we operate multiple data center locations globally. Our commitment is to store your data in your country or within recognized acceptable zones.

For clients in Australia/New Zealand/Asia, data is stored in Sydney and Perth, Australia. If you’re in the USA/Canada, your data is managed in Virginia, California, and Oregon, USA. For those in the UK/Europe, data is stored in Ireland and Frankfurt.

If local regulations mandate storage within specific country boundaries and your region isn’t covered in the above list, this can be arranged at an additional cost. Feel free to reach out to us for more information on this option.

Your data belongs to you.

franchizemanager is the tool that facilitates storing your data. We uphold a strict policy of not sharing or selling your data to third parties. Our access to your data is limited to providing technical support, and we will never access your data without your explicit consent, such as during customization processes. Rest assured, your data privacy and control are paramount to us.

We perform comprehensive data backups on a 24-hour cycle, supplemented by a weekly backup stored off-site in a different data center within your region.

Additionally, detailed transaction logs are maintained, allowing data restoration to any specific “point in time” within the last 14 days. Your data’s safety and accessibility are our top priorities.

You have the flexibility to discontinue the use of franchizemanager at any time by providing a 30-day written notice, including via email. We offer the option to export any data you require from your franchizemanager database. Once you’ve confirmed the completion of the exporting process, we will proceed to close down your franchizemanager site, ensuring that all data is permanently deleted.

Technical Questions

No, franchizemanager is entirely web-based. Users can access and utilize franchizemanager exclusively through their web browsers. It is compatible with any modern standards-compliant browser, including but not limited to MS Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

No, franchizemanager is designed as a “cloud service,” where we handle all hosting, and you can simply “login and go.” If you believe there’s a compelling reason for on-site installation, please reach out to us, and we can discuss this option further.

Certainly! We would be delighted to engage with your IT Security team and address any specific questions they may have. Please reach out to our sales team to schedule a Zoom call, and we’ll ensure all your queries are addressed.

Financial & Contractual Questions

We issue monthly invoices in advance, delivering a PDF invoice to your designated billing email address. Payment terms are strictly set at 30 days.

You have the option to make payments through Electronic Funds Transfer (ACH) to our bank account in your country (Australia, NZ, UK, USA, EU (Germany), Canada, Singapore) or by Credit Card. Unfortunately, we do not accept payments by cheque.

We bill in your preferred currency, providing options such as AUD, CAD, USD, DKK, EUR, HKD, IDR, JPY, NZD, SGD, and GBP.

Our standard approach is not to require an individually signed agreement for a fixed term. Instead, you are automatically covered under our standard trading terms, which entail a 30-day commitment period.

For larger corporate clients who prefer a separate agreement of any duration, such agreements can be provided and signed upon request. However, it’s important to note that an additional fee is applicable for this service.

We have a comprehensive roadmap of additional features that are in the pipeline. If there’s a specific feature you require but don’t find currently available, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via the Support email. It’s quite likely that we have a solution or workaround that we can discuss with you.

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Talking with our sales team is usually the fastest and best option to start. A 15 minute discussion will quickly help you decide if we are the right solution for your business. Choose the option that suits you…