These FAQs relate to pre-sales questions. For technical support please visit the Support centre here.

Can I customise FranchiZeManager myself?

No, we undertake all customisations to your FranchiZeManager installation on your behalf. It’s faster, cheaper and better for you.

Can you customise FranchiZeManager system for us?

Yes, we realise that every franchise is different and we will work with you to customise your FranchiZeManager system to meet your specific needs. We suggest you start with the standard installation as it will help you to define exactly what you need changed. We can provide either a fixed price quote for the customisation or a per hour rate and time estimate. Most customisations can be completed fast and cost effectively.

Who owns the data stored in FranchiZeManager?

You. The data you enter into FranchiZeManager belongs to you. We are just providing the system that stores your data. We will never share or sell your data. We will never access your data without your prior approval e.g. when doing customisations.

Is my data secure and private?

Your data is stored on servers which are located in a professionally managed and secure data center on enterprise class servers. The data centre has complete power and internet redundancy. Everything is stored on robustly designed cloud infrastructure protecting against hardware failure. We also have a comprehensive Privacy Policy that can be viewed here.

Where is my data physically stored?

All data is stored in a professionally managed data centre. We run multiple data centre locations around the globe. We endeavour to store your data in your country, or in the recognised acceptable zone.

If you are in Australia/New Zealand/Asia: Sydney & Perth, Australia.

If you are in the USA/Canada: Virginia, California & Oregon, USA.

UK/Europe: Ireland & Frankfurt.

If your local laws require storage within your country boundaries and you’re not catered for above this can be done at extra cost. Please ask us for more information.

How long does installation take?

When you are ready to proceed we can have your installation up and ready within 1-2 business days if you do not require any customisation. Then you need to consider data migration, this process depends on how much data you have and where it is stored currently. In general, you should plan on about 3 to 4 weeks for an average implementation timeframe.

What back-up processes are there?

We undertake a full back-up of your data on a 24 hour basis plus another one on a weekly basis which is stored off-site in a different data centre.

How is billing and payment done?

We invoice monthly in advance. You will be sent a pdf invoice to your designated billing email address. Payment terms are strictly 30 days. You may pay by Electronic Funds Transfer to our bank account in your country (Australia, NZ, UK, USA, EU), or by Credit Card. Sorry we do not accept cheque payments.

What if I want to stop using FranchiZeManager?

You may stop using FranchiZeManager at any time with 30 days written (including email) notice. We can export any data that you wish from your FranchiZeManager database. When you have confirmed with us that the exporting process is complete we will close down your FranchiZeManager site and all data will be permanently deleted.

Can I migrate (ie move) my data from my current system / spreadsheets / paper to FranchiZeManager?

Yes absolutely. We can even assist you to get your data into the FranchiZeManager system correctly and quickly.

Are any new features planned to be added?

We have an extensive road map of additional features that we plan on adding plus if there is something extra you need, but we don’t seem to have, then drop us an email because it’s likely we have a solution we can discuss with you.

Can we install and manage FranchiZeManager in our own IT environment?

No, FranchiZeManager is intended as a “cloud service”. If you feel that you have a compelling reason for on-site installation then please call us to discuss this option.

How many users will I need to have?

We recommend that almost everyone that has interaction with franchisees should have a user log-in. This would include all Area Managers and operational support staff.

Do I need to install or download any software to use FranchiZeManager?

No, FranchiZeManager is 100% web-based. Users access and use FranchiZeManager entirely through their web browsers, and it’s accessed through any standards-compliant browser including: Internet Explorer (V9+), Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera.