Field Visits, Audits & Compliance

These Audit modules keep your franchisees running on brand and in line with your Operations Manual.

Franchise Field Operations Software System

Template Driven Audits

Pre-construct your agenda and audit items, configuring them according to your needs with or without scores. Enable features like photo attachments, overrides, traffic light systems, and follow-up items. Tailor the audit to your specifications, whether you prefer a straightforward or intricate approach.

Smart Audits (that get done)

Effortlessly plan, monitor, and generate reports on your Franchisee field visits with our intuitive software. Establish pre-set agendas and track action plans seamlessly. Capture and store contact notes efficiently. Customize the system to incorporate your own checklists for any area you need, such as OHS, Business Planning, Marketing, and Technical compliance.

Scoring & Benchmarking

Leveraging scores for each individual item, you have the flexibility to establish pass/fail thresholds and subsequently compare performance against benchmarks and across franchisees. The abundance of available data empowers you to craft customized dashboards and delve into detailed operational insights.

Built In Follow Ups

Never overlook a critical failure again. Our integrated "follow-up" feature enables you to effortlessly monitor items that have failed and necessitate further attention. This ensures that both your Operations team and Franchisees stay on-brand and on-track.

Keep Franchisees in the Loop

Franchisee field visit/audit reports, notifications, and even Franchisee logins to the system ensure active involvement in the improvement process. Effective communication is key to success, and FZM keeps everyone in the loop.

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