The Modules

franchizemanager  stands out as the most comprehensive franchise management software system currently available in the market.

Choose from a selection of over 30 standard modules, and if you have specific needs, our professional services team is at your disposal to customize and build any function, workflow, or automation you can envision.

New Franchisee Enquiries

Store new franchisee enquiries / leads within franchizemanager. Automatically allocate leads to your staff based on business rules such as geographic location. You can even have the leads import automatically from your website and 3rd party “become a franchisee” enquiry forms.

Recruitment / Fran Dev CRM

Manage candidates through the recruitment pipeline from first contact to appointment as a Franchisee. Set your own recruitment process and track the progress of candidates and the effectiveness of your franchise growth activities. Record notes, archive emails and keep a full audit and compliance trail. Plus much more.

Online Applications

Move all your application forms on-line. Allow new franchisee candidates to login and complete their details online. Remove paper applications and disclosure forms plus save time re-keying information. You can even use your application process to inform and excite candidates with information about becoming a franchisee including embedded video.

Franchisee On-boarding

A project management module designed specifically to help you manage the process of opening new stores/franchisees. Create milestones and tasks. Link them to an open date and assign them to staff. Mark progress, print reports, receive email reminders and keep track of comments.

Franchisee Management

A comprehensive CRM system designed specifically to manage the entire life-cycle of your franchisees. Record vital information such as franchise agreements, renewal dates, tasks and all correspondence, automate common functions, and more in a simple and easy to use interface.

Field Visits

Easily schedule, track and report on your Franchisee field visits. Create pre-set Agenda’s and action plan tracking. Record and store contact notes. Even customise to include your own specific audit and compliance check-lists for areas such as Occupational Health and Safety, Marketing and Technical compliance.

Document Management

Simplify your document management with FZM. Effortlessly store, search, and retrieve various documents and collateral materials, ensuring easy access to essential information.

File / Contact Notes

Easily record contact notes and archive emails against candidates and franchisees. Keep a full history of all interactions.


Efficiently manage tasks alongside critical franchisee data with our Task module. Streamline your workflow and ensure seamless coordination between tasks and key franchisee information.

LAMP & Business Plans

Empower franchisees to generate template-based local area marketing and business plans directly within FZM.

Site & Lease Management

Efficiently oversee property sites and leases within FZM. Monitor lessor details, and establish notifications for critical dates, including options and expiry dates. Streamline your property management processes with FZM.

Franchise Royalties

Calculate all your franchise fees and marketing royalties within the system. Then automatically have the system generate pixel perfect PDF invoices and send them to franchisees on a scheduled day or at the click of a button.

Franchisee Staff Directory

Keep a directory of staff that work at your franchisee’s business. Track training, their online learning endeavours and more. Create a direct communication channel to the people that represent your brand in the field.

Customer Complaints

Effortlessly handle customer complaints and praise from initial contact through to resolution. Utilize tasks, comments, and reporting to ensure a comprehensive approach to managing and addressing customer feedback.

Dashboards & Performance Benchmarking​

Access a suite of graphical dashboards within FZM, offering a comprehensive overview of every aspect of your franchise network.

Comms Blast

Effortlessly send template-based group emails and SMS communication blasts with FZM. Efficient and consistent messaging to franchisees and staff.

Email Archiving

Quickly & simply archive emails to franchizemanager. Just forward any email to your dedicated FZM mailbox to store that email against a Contact, Staff Member, Enquiry, Recruitment Candidate or Franchisee within franchizemanager. Keep email audit trails simply and easily.


Effortlessly create and oversee events within fzm. Choose the staff to invite, send event invitations and reminders, and record staff acceptances, attendance, and results. Simplify the management of your franchise training online with FZM.

Franchisee Forms

Streamline data collection process with ease with user-friendly online forms. Create online forms within FZM to efficiently collect data. Utilize these forms for various purposes such as surveys, KPI collection, and quickly gathering essential information. 

News, FAQs, Noticeboards​

Effortlessly distribute news items, presentations, and newsletters to both franchisees and staff through FZM

Operations Manual

Author and publish your Operations Manuals online with FZM. Benefit from features like keyword search functionality, tracking, and reporting on document reads.  

Customer Management

Keep your customer database online as part of franchizemanager. Allocate customers to franchisees and grant franchisees access to their own customer database. Store customer details, notes, invoices, sales, orders and more.


Allow Franchisees to generate personalised PDF invoices for customers from the system. Send invoices by email, fax or print. You get full transparency and knowledge of sales allowing you to calculate franchise fees and royalties.

Stock Ordering

A complete on-line ordering system for franchisees to order stock from you. Maintain your stock items online. Franchisees can submit orders and track shipped items. Use it for supplies, materials or even marketing collateral.
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