Franchise Finance, Fees & Royalties

The Royalty module calculates all your franchise fees in a simple multi-step wizard process. All fee types, really complex calculations, performed effortlessly in minutes.

Franchise Royalty Management Software

Any Fee Type Possible

FZM is adept at managing a myriad of fee structures. Whether fees vary among franchisees, encompass multiple fees per franchisee, span any period, include grace periods, involve stepped calculations, or adopt tiered structures, FZM accommodates the full spectrum of possibilities.

Fast & Effortless

Benefit from a wizard-based, multi-step process that enables swift execution and manual adjustments as needed. The royalty run encompasses tasks such as ingesting variable data (e.g., from a POS), calculating fees for a royalty statement, generating and dispatching an invoice to the franchisee, initiating a bank file for deduction processing, and interfacing with your Accounting system to post invoices through an API.


Franchise fees are commonly calculated using variables like sales, often residing in external systems. FZM offers seamless integration options to periodically gather this data. Alternatively, we provide configurations for CSV file imports or even allow manual entry, catering to the needs of smaller franchise groups. Our flexible approach ensures that regardless of your data source or scale, FZM can adapt to streamline the fee calculation process.

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