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These Candidate modules are your franchise development CRM. They help you track leads, automate your sales process, effortlessly collect candidate data and close sales. Recruitment that is automated, reportable and hassle free.

Our Franchise Sales CRM Features


Have leads from ALL your sources load directly into FZM. Including your website, Seek, Facebook/socials, online directories, etc. We will set it up for you.


Set up auto-responders so when a lead submits an enquiry, FZM will automatically reply with an immediate SMS and also an Email.

Contact Attempt Tracking

Record your outreach contact attempts right within the system. Easy click-to-call buttons and measured outcomes mean you know your “lead quality” by source.

Online Application Forms (RFCs)

Gather Candidate information completely online. Send them a link, and the candidate completes your application forms online, all results flow straight back into FZM.

Automated Campaigns

Campaigns allow you to pre-write a drip campaign of email and SMS communications. Simply put a candidate on a Campaign and the email/SMS is taken care of automatically.

Template Email/SMS

Leverage pre-written emails (and SMS) for every stage of your recruitment process. Sending emails and working your pipeline becomes a very efficient process of Click and Send.

Online Document Signing

Send a Candidate documents for online signing. Using our SignRequest integration you can send your NDA (and other legal docs) right from the Candidate record in FZM. It just takes a few button clicks.

Candidate Portal/HUB

Need to supercharge your Candidate discovery process? Deploy the FZM Candidate HUB add-on. In one click you provide Candidate access to FZM, we set-up your discovery and info collection pages as you want them.

Psych Profiling

Profile your Candidates with the FranchiZePredictor - the world's most respected franchise profiling tool, developed in Canada and used by 5 of the world's top 10 franchisors.


Set-up template invoices then quickly and easily send Invoices to Candidates for deposit fees, franchise fees, holding fees, service fees, etc.

Customised Note templates

Set up a note templates once and use them to quickly create structured interview notes and checklists.


Set up automations (we call them “nag routines”) to ensure Candidates are moving through your pipeline and not setting stuck at any stage.


Get a complete dashboard view of your recruitment process and pipeline. Answer key questions with a button click. Understand where every candidate is at.

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