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Hiring: Developer

– Are you interested in software development? 

– Would you like to join a small team, working remotely, in an exciting and successful business? 

– Are you interested in learning new technologies? 

– Are you hard working, willing to put in the effort for self improvement? 

We are a fun, experienced, team with a head office in Sydney (Australia), a customer base around the globe and a remote workforce that values hard work and great outputs. We build business productivity software for small & medium sized businesses. This includes invoicing, billing, CRM, HR, document management and ERP software. 

We’re looking to expand our team by employing a new Development team member. 

The Role:

In the role of Developer you will assist in configuring (coding), testing and deploying system changes, and support fixes, for our customers. The role will involve interpreting business/system requirements, bug testing, and configuring applications to meet these requirements and fix bugs.

Beyond having a technical ability you must be able to understand and interpret business requirements, then translate these requirements into a working system/fxes. 

Our Technologies: 

We’re a little bit different. 

We’re looking for a developer to join our AwareIM team. AwareIM is a rapid application development tool. It’s a powerful tool that when mastered will empower you to be the most productive developer you have ever been.

We’re pretty certain you will not have experience with AwareIM. So that means it’s going to involve some training and a lot of self-learning of new skills. 

If you’re a die hard PHP/Java/Ruby coder – and that’s all you want to do – then this role is not for you. But if you’re interested in new-tech, committed to self-improvement, and keen to remove the hard/repetitive/mundane elements of a developers job, then let’s talk. 

If you can master this RAD tool then we can provide you full time employment that is interesting, varied and consistent. 

Our Values: 

It’s very important that you ft with our values. Please read and consider each one and how well it fits with your own values. We don’t just write this, we believe it, we live it. We know if you feel the same way, then you will ft right in. 

– Delight in doing GREAT work. We will empower you to do your best work. And as a response we expect you will bring a passion for your craft. This job isn’t just about earning an income. It’s about building great things, caring about the outcome, and doing great work. 

– Self discipline. We expect you will have great discipline and naturally establish outstanding work habits that make you highly productive. You will know when to work and you will know when to quit working and clear your head. We’re vocal about only wanting “your best 35 hours” every week, and we mean it. Without a high level of discipline in this area, it’s likely that you won’t be a good long-term fit for us. 

– Ability to make critical decisions on behalf of our business and our clients. As part of our remote team, there’s less oversight involved in your coding/configuration choices, so we have to trust that you will be making good decisions. You have to be able to get through problems on your own and be productive without always asking for help. 

– We’re here for the long run. We value loyalty and realise that business is a marathon, not a sprint. If you’re after a job for just a few months or a year, then we’re not for you. 

The details of what we’re after: 

– Your work colleagues mostly operate on Sydney Australia time (GMT+11), from the hours of 11am to 6pm. At least to start with, we will want your hours to be crossing over during this time. When you are skilled and productive you can set your own work hours and time, but initially – for the first 6 months – we need you to be in sync with our work hours for the majority of the day. Other than this, we don’t care where you live, current team members cover Australia, US, Latin America, UK and Asia. 

– You must be able to read, speak and write good English. We only speak English in our office and your system requirements will be in English and you will need to read, understand and communicate in English. Plus you need to document and discuss in English.

– We don’t need you to have specific IT coding/language/library experience. But you will have a strong interest in software. You will understand business and business processes. You will be able to self learn and teahc yourself this new exciting RAD tool – AwareIM. 

Our Selection Process: 

Please submit a brief 2-5 page document outlining your experience and skills i.e. a Resume/CV. Please make this in a timeline format that explains what education, what skills, what experience and what companies/organisations/freelance projects you worked on. Including a short introduction letter or video will help too. 

Selected applicants will be invited to a Zoom interview to discuss the job. 

Use our Contact Us page to make initial contact.

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