Customer Complaints

Itā€™s embarrassing. But every franchisor has them. Customer complaints. WhatĀ isĀ important is how you deal with them. If you donā€™t provide the mechanism for the customer to submit a complaint and obtain a prompt resolution, then itā€™s likely to end up on their social media accounts with far more damaging consequences.


Collecting the complaint is just the first step. You have to resolve it, in a timely manner, with a positiveĀ outcome. You must also address why it happened and fix the problem. Often this will involve follow-up training for a franchiseeĀ orĀ perhaps a change in business processes. With franchising, gathering details about a complaintĀ become more even difficult, since the complaint could result from any of your franchised outlets and involve any of the staff they employ.


In todayā€™s world of social mediaĀ savvyĀ customers, every franchisor needs to takeĀ customer complaints seriously.


The Feedback module is designed to help you, the franchisor, effectively manage the complaint process. You can put your complaint form online, and have complaints load automatically into the Feedback module. This can then kick-off any resolution process you wish to define. You may wish to notify the franchisee and related staff member, or resolve the issue yourself at National Support Office level. Whatever your process, FZM will support it, with pre-defined statusā€™, template emails, task management, notes, and tracking, so you can report and understand on where customer complaints are coming from. All your required follow-up tasks are in the one place and measured for completion.



Standard Features:


  • Record all types of feedback; good, bad and neutral
  • Record the complaint, the source and the customers details
  • Associate the complaint with a Franchisee or Staff member
  • Create and assign tasks to resolve the complaint
  • Measure outcomes and record notes



Optional Extras:


  • Customise the complaints form to match your requirements
  • Build in escalation processes to ensure complaints get responded to
  • Create web-forms so complaints can load directly from your webiste to FZM