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So you work in HR at a franchised business. And of course it’s your job to co-ordinate and manage the training schedule. You know a good franchise conducts a lot of training, but you didn’t realise that running training events is almost a full time ‘event management’ job.

You have to find locations, target staff and send invitations, answer questions, arrange catering, parking, sometimes charge for events and deal with over/under subscriptions. Then of course you have to report back to Franchise Partners, and other National Support Office (NSO) staff, about attendance and results. Keep a track of who has undertaken what training and maybe even track staff awards and recognition. Then of course you have the actual content you need to train on. Maintaining a record of your course materials and versions.

If you’re using the usual suspects of spreadsheets, mail-merge and the shared drive, then it’s time for a better approach.

The Training module of FranchiZeManager takes all the hard work out organising face-to-face training events. First you create the Training Programme – this details the content of the training to be held, you can upload course materials and fill in descriptions of the learning plan. This becomes like a template for the training events to be held.

From the Programme you can create – and manage – as many Training Events as you require. Enter the location, date and time, then using a simple wizard process select and add Staff to the invite list. At the click of a button send a great looking email invite to all invitees, with Accept/Decline buttons. Sit back, relax as you watch the event fill up with participants. If you’re running low, then send a reminder email.

When the day comes you can print out Attendance check-lists, and mark attendees off as they arrive. FranchiZeManager makes the event management part of training so easy, you can focus on actually developing and delivering great content.

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