Property Leases

Mistakes or misunderstandings with leases are costly, especially when making a sizable investment in a retail site. As a Franchisor, you may hold the lease yourself, or if it’s in the Franchisee’s name, you still want to oversee the management of the lease to ensure that key dates, such as option renewals, are not missed.


Don’t Miss Another Key Date, Term, or Clause


The Leases module keeps all of your important dates and details organized. Upload your lease documents and track usage clauses, renewal dates, all financial terms and much more. By keeping your lease data in FZM, it helps your property team understand and better manage your property portfolio. Plus, by having your property data alongside your other franchise data, you can now also enrich your reporting, track KPI’s per square metre, and costs per store.



Standard Features


  • Create and store an unlimited number of property leases.
  • Manage the lease/store lifecycle.
  • Store detailed lease information, including full annual costs and increase information.
  • Upload scanned lease documents.
  • Digitise key fields, to make it searchable, such as usage clauses, option dates, terms, etc.
  • Store key contact information such as Lessor, shopping centre Centre Management, Estate Agents & Property Managers, etc.
  • Automate reminders and notifications for key dates such as options periods.
  • Search and find documents by keywords.



Optional Extras


  • Map lease sites to visualise your property portfolio.
  • Customise in any way required.
  • Integrate with other key data, such as franchisee sales data, to see property information in a broader context.
  • Generate detailed property reports such as costs per square metre, etc.