What’s the one word that describes the National Support Office? Busy. We haven’t ever seen a Franchisor’s NSO where staff are sitting around with nothing to do. Running a franchise network can be stressful and chaotic. For every staff member there are literally hundreds of things to keep track of, follow-up on, and get done. Luckily, the Task module helps you cut out the chaos.


Adding Context Provides Clarity

There are many to-do programs, organisers, and task management systems on the market. Some of them work very well for a specific function, but none of them provide the context of FZM. If you’re being reminded of a task, it’s infinitely more useful to have the full picture and all associated notes and documents. For example, if a Franchisee should have implemented a local area marketing campaign as a result of a field visit discussion, then displaying that Field Visit Note makes your understanding of the Task complete.


The Tasks module keeps your to do list in sync with all of your other franchise data. This gives it the power that no other task management system can match. Not only relevant reminders and notifications, but the context within which it operates. Create tasks, assign them to people, relate them to other records. Add comments, upload attachments and get email notifications delivered to your inbox. 





  • Create an unlimited number of tasks.
  • Relate a task to other records in the system, such as a Field Visit, a Franchisee, a Contact etc.
  • Set Start/Due dates, assign tasks to users, set priorities, add attachments and comments.
  • Print PDF reports to keep track of task lists.
  • Receive email notifications when a task is assigned to you.
  • Receive a weekly summary email of tasks that are overdue or falling due in the coming week.





  • Customise the task forms in any way required.
  • Build in escalation rules for when tasks fail to be completed on time.
  • Create dashboards to track task completion progress.