Document Management

Scan it, save it, email it to a colleague. Repeat the same action every week with the same document, or different documents and a whole range of colleagues. Complain you get too many emails and you never have the documents you need at your fingertips.


There’s Got to Be an Easier Way to Manage Documents


With FrachiZeManager, it’s simple. Upload it to the FZM Documents module, then write a brief description or comment to help those searching for it. You can relate it to something else in the system, like a franchisee record or a recruitment candidate, to provide the context – and related info – to the Document. Now send the colleague a Notification with three clicks through FZM, or just shout across the office… “it’s in FZM!”

You can now rejoice in the fact that you’ve decreased emails and filed the Document in a logical place where everyone can find it (even if you’re no longer at the organisation). Your coworkers at NSO will thank you for making their lives a little easier.





  • Upload as many documents, of any file type, of any size you require.
  • Write summaries and descriptions of uploaded documents.
  • Associate a document with other records in the system, such as a franchisee, candidate, staff member etc.
  • Categorise your documents as you require.
  • Cycle documents through pre-set of Statuses.
  • Automatically record a history of status changes.
  • Allow access to franchisees on a per document basis.





  • Customise the documents forms in any way desired.
  • Build in additional permissions and access levels as required.