File / Contact Notes

A good National Support Office is run on File Notes (sometime called Contact Notes). A great National Support Office is one where every staff member follows the same mantra about recording file notes. Everyone is responsible and held accountable for creating them.


Get All Departments on the Same Page

In a franchise network, there are always lots of moving parts; Lots of different things happening simultaneously across different departments. Consider that a franchisee can interact with many different people from the support office in a single month -the training team, the product guys, the IT department about their POS, the supply chain guy about product issues deliveries, the finance guys about payments, and maybe even the CEO popped in for a visit.


Is Your Area Development Manager Getting Caught Off-Guard?

If you’re not recording contact notes, then how does the one department know what’s happened previously with another department? And even worse, what happens when your Area Development Manager turns up for her scheduled field visit?  Usually she wastes the first hour of her visit on issues previously raised by the franchisee that come as a surprise to her.


Convenient Access to Complete Franchisee History

File notes keep everyone on the same page. At any time -such as before a field visit – anyone from NSO can login and review indexed and searchable File Notes, get up to speed and see what has been happening with a franchisee. You can stop a franchisee playing one department off against another. Plus, by having them stored forever, you will have documented evidence of conversations and actions, should you ever fall into dispute with a franchisee.





  • Create and store an unlimited number of file notes.
  • Relate a contact note to multiple records across the system, such as a franchisee, a contact, an opener etc.
  • Search and find notes using any keywords.
  • Automatically record meta-data, such as create dates and authors.
  • Print PDF file notes.
  • Send a notification of a file note to any other user.





  • Customise the notes form in any way required.