Local Marketing

Local Area Marketing can be a key driver of your franchise brands success. Local area marketing establishes the franchisee as a part of their local community, it can position them as authentically ‘local’, while still retaining the credibility and trust of your national brand. With this objective in mind, the best local area marketing plans work in conjunction with a Franchisor Support Office national marketing plan. The local and national marketing activities compliment one another, delivering and reinforcing consistent messages to the market.


However getting a franchisee to develop a Local Area Marketing Plan (LAMP) isn’t simple.


Some franchisees may not want to commit to the process, nor the funding. So franchisors will often develop a template document, send it out and hope for the best. The franchisee will change it, adjust it, or perhaps simply ignore it. Consolidation of plans is difficult, versioning gets quickly out of control and often the Franchisor Support Office will have little idea of where the local area marketing efforts of the network are.


The FranchiZeManager Local Area Marketing Plan (LAMP) module brings it all together.


Franchisees can set their own plans, detailing activities they will undertake. They can set budgets and report on the outcomes of their marketing activities, providing valuable information back to NSO to help manage the network. Besides having a plan is just the first step, with the LAMP module tied into the Tasks module you can track everything in the one place.



Standard features:


  • Create as many LAMPs as you require
  • Franchisees can self-publish LAMPS and NSO staff get a full view
  • Tightly integrated with Tasks and Notification module



Optional extras:


  • Customise the modules in anyway required
  • Adjust the module to suit your business processes