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Gathering detailed information on the candidate is a critical step in the recruitment process. Only with detailed and accurate data can you perform the correct due diligence to ensure this candidate is the right fit for your franchise. In FZM we make this process as simple, and automated, as possible.
In a few clicks you send a Candidate an invitation to complete your online application form. The candidate clicks a button, completes it all online and submits it. The data is automatically loaded back into the Candidate record and you’re notified immediately.
If you’re still emailing PDF forms, or scanning and uploading documents then it’s time to move on. Remove paper and PDFs from your application process. In FZM it’s 100% online. You might even have more than one application form, breaking it down into different parts for different stages of the recruitment process.
We do it all for you. Just send us your current forms (in PDF or xls or any format) and we build the online versions for you completely free of charge.
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