Online Applications

This module allows you to remove paper applications from the franchisee recruitment process. It allows you to send an electronic invitation to a new franchisee candidate. From there they can login to their application form and complete the details. All the data is available immediately, no emails, and no re-keying of information.





  • invite candidates to complete an on-line application by clicking a button
  • track candidates and view their answers as they complete the form
  • measure the number of times a candidate has logged into the system and the duration
  • generate a PDF of the application (no more needĀ to decipherĀ hand written application forms)
  • track days open and completion rates
  • send reminder emails to the candidateĀ to easily prompt a candidate if they don’t submit their form
  • full security that immediately deactivates the login when the candidates submits or when you wish





  • customise the standard application form in any way you wish, add / change /Ā remove questions etc
  • create any type of validation to ensure candidates complete certain questions before submitting
  • create rules to have notifications automatically sent to staff members as candidates progress through the form or on submission
  • add informative and promotional text/video/audio/media to the online application form to help educate the candidate about your franchise opportunity
  • use The FranchiZe Profile (seeĀ to profile the candidates for suitability and expected future performance as a franchisee (Hatchit is the exclusive authorised distributor for the The FranchiZe Profile in Australia, New Zealand and Asia).
  • use the English Language Test to test a candidate’s English language skills.