Reporting and Benchmarking

Performance measurement and reporting is a crucial part of any business. But in franchising the need to provide quality reporting is even more important. Benchmarking of results across your network can motivate franchisees to improve performance, it appeals to each franchisee’s competitive streak and also provides valuable feedback on what is expected and achievable within your network.

FranchiZeManager has a specialised module called ScoreCard that is used for reporting, benchmarking and performance measurement. Some of the great features that come with ScoreCard include:

Multiple data sources:

  • use any data that is already stored in FranchiZeManager
  • import your own data into ScoreCard using a spreadsheet template
  • interface FranchiZeManager with systems such as your POS

Unlimited access levels:

  • build as many and as detailed access levels as you require
  • allow franchisees to see as little or as much as you want
  • “anonymise” your data – allowing franchisees to see their ranking against unnamed peers

Any format of report imaginable:

  • build dashboards, PDF reports, scheduled emails, of any type
  • charts, ranking tables, gauges and dials, you name it, we can deliver it
  • click throughs and drill downs
  • filters and comparisons

Complex calculations:

  • just load your raw data and let the FranchiZeManager do the hard work
  • we can compute rankings, averages, and any complex calculations required

Some of the common items we are reporting on within FranchiZeManager include:

    • sales data
    • financial data such as gross margins, profit, average spend
    • mystery shopper results
    • customer service survey results
    • franchisee high achiever club results i.e incentive program results
    • customer complaints and resolutions
    • business plan targets

Basically if you have the data, then we can report on it, in any format.

As with all FranchiZeManager modules it can be completely customised to suit your specific needs. It’s 100% web based so all your franchisees will need is a browser and an internet connection.

Contact us and we’ll take you through an online demo.

The next stage on The Tour is ‘New Franchisee / Store Opener’ module. See you in September!

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