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Top 10 Reasons To Use FZM for Recruitment

#1 – Autoloaders Set up autoloaders from your website enquiry form and social media platforms, have new franchise enquiries automatically load into FZM and never key a new lead inquiry again #2 – Campaigns Set up email campaigns to have FZM … Read More

The Importance of Training in Franchise Systems (Part 2): Ongoing Franchise Training

So – you’ve carefully selected and signed your franchisee. You’ve trained them, welcomed them into the fold, held their hand through the first week or two, and let them take the helm. And that’s it, job done, right? Sure… and … Read More

The Importance of Training in Franchise Systems (Part 1): Initial Training to Post-Launch Training

As a franchisor (Zor), a crucial part – perhaps the most crucial part – of your role is to train and support your franchisees (Zees). After all, your Zees are paying you not just for your brand exposure, but for … Read More

Franchise Advisory Councils in the Real World
(part 2)

How to Run a Franchise Advisory Council (FAC) that will Power Your Franchise Network towards Success Franchise Advisory Councils are created in order to benefit the well-being of the business, by providing the Franchisor with insights and suggestions from the … Read More

Franchise Advisory Councils in the Real World
(part 1)

The Purpose of a Franchise Advisory Council The main aim of a Franchise Advisory Council (FAC) is to create a platform in which Franchisees are invited share and discuss their ideas and/or issues with the Franchisor’s support team. The Franchisor … Read More

Version 11 just released!

06 September 2019 We’re very excited to announce the release of V11 of FZM (6 September 2019). This version is the largest update in FZM history. When we first started building FZM almost 12 years ago, the world of technology … Read More

Sample Franchise Recruitment Process

Franchise recruitment can be a complicated and in-depth process. We see a lot of client franchise sales processes and we often customise FZM to support those processes; template emails, auto-responders, information packs, online application forms, automation and of course board … Read More

Version 7 is here!

The latest release of FranchiZeManager – Version 7 – is currently being rolled out to all customers. It’s one of our biggest releases in years. We have completely replaced the front end library of widgets and tools, resulting in a … Read More

Welcome 2014

Goodbye 2013, it was good knowing you (although you seemed to go fast) and welcome 2014! We had a big 2013, taking on major new clients across a range of industries including financial services, real estate, food retailing, fitness, personal … Read More

Updated Look and Feel

We’ve given FZM a bit of an update in terms of look and feel.   Part of the new look of our franchise software. Flat icons all the way. There has been a bit of a movement towards ‘flat’ design … Read More