Franchisee Management

As you know running a franchise network is no small task. There are many people involved and lots of data. Take a few minutes out of your day to think about the data in your business.

How is all this information being stored at your franchise? Is it accessible to staff? Is it in a useful format? Is it secure and stored safely? Is it triggering work-flows and processes to make your business more efficient?

If you’re like most franchisors you probably have a lot of spreadsheets, shared folders on a network drive, and data sitting on staff laptops. Now consider how you should be managing this information.

The better way

FranchiZeManager will make you rethink how you should be running your franchise network. A single place to store all your data and files. Accessible to all your staff with appropriate permissions. Plus built in automation to ensure things happen when they should.

FranchiZeManager has been built specifically for franchising in Australia. It’s completely web based, accessible from anywhere and works on Mac, PC or tablet. Safe, secure, backed up without fail.

Automate & Get Things Done Faster

Storing information is great but FranchiZeManager takes it one step further and allows you to create automated tasks, reminders, notes, merge letters and documents.

Here’s an example; imagine you have a franchise agreement renewal option coming at the end of this month. With an automated merge letter FranchiZeManager will automatically prepare and send the letter to the franchisee, containing all the required information.

Another example; say franchisee royalty fees are due to be sent on the first day of the month. With an automated process running at 5am on the 1st day of every month FranchiZeManager can calculate the exact fees due for each franchisee, then generate a PDF designed with your logo and payment details, and email it to the franchisee. You can even have FranchiZeManager push the invoices into your finance system. By the time your staff arrive for work the monthly invoicing of franchisee fees is complete.

These are real life experiences, from real life clients who are using FranchiZeManager.

Keep a History The Easy Way

A side benefit of storing everything in one place is that you build a history of each franchisee by default. FranchiZeManager now has Timeline, so at a glance you can see what has occurred with each and every franchisee.

Customised to Your Needs

Everything about FranchiZeManager can be customised to meet your specific needs. We understand that every franchisor is different and therefore has different requirements. Perhaps you want to record different data regarding your franchisees or run different reports. Perhaps you want to integrate with your finance system or even replace it. Most customisations are quick to perform, you don’t have to live with software workarounds, with FranchiZeManager you get the exact system you need for your business.

Get Started

Getting started is fast and simple. We set you up, import your data and guide you through any required customisations. So if your key objective is to recruit more franchisees, improve communications, manage more efficiently, better comply with the franchising code or all of the above then contact us now for a demo.

Call us today for a demo or discussion about how our systems and knowledge can help your business.

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