Version 7 is here!

The latest release of FranchiZeManager – Version 7 – is currently being rolled out to all customers.

It’s one of our biggest releases in years. We have completely replaced the front end library of widgets and tools, resulting in a new look and feel and some great features.

  • completely responsive – you now get EXACTLY the same look and feel on tablets as you do on desktop
  • speed… although we never got any complaints on V6 about speed, who doesn’t want systems to be faster. Well V7 will give you a nice speed improvement which is especially noticeable on mobile devices.
  • great user experience features, such as modeless windows, improved animations… it’s hard to describe these but jump onto the new demo sight and you’ll see immediately what we mean
  • filters on every column in the list views, you decide how to cut and dice your data on the fly
  • export any form or list you want to PDF or XLS, it’s your data and you can access it how you please with V7
  • plus a lot more, too much to list here!

This update lays an important foundation for some great new features we have planned and coming for the rest of 2016. Version 7 is a proud accomplishment of the tech team and cements FranchiZeManager as the leading franchise management system available in the world.


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