Version 11 just released!

06 September 2019

We’re very excited to announce the release of V11 of FZM (6 September 2019). This version is the largest update in FZM history.

When we first started building FZM almost 12 years ago, the world of technology was a different place. The concept of “cloud” based franchise management software was still relatively new and franchisors had yet to adopt the benefits. Over the years we constantly updated the platform, adding new features and modules, improving the platform and tweaking things for improved usability, speed and security.

But sometimes this just isn’t enough. So, in early 2019 we undertook a major restructuring (and rebuilding) of the system to take FZM forward for another decade, and this is now complete with V11 released.┬áThe system has been rebuilt in many key areas to address what Franchisors, like you, need today and in the future.

We have also adjusted our pricing to allow for a simpler pricing model and a lower priced entry point, so FZM is truely available to every Franchisor no matter what country, what industry or how many units you have. For as low as a few hundred dollars a month you can start on the FZM platform.

You can be sure of some exciting new features coming soon. Keep an eye on this blog to see future product updates and we hope you enjoy the newest (and best) FranchiZeManager release yet.

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