Franchisee Business Plans

Here is a confronting question: How many of your franchisees have a business plan? A current business plan, that is clearly documented, well structured and useful? The value of having a business plan is widely acknowledged. A business plan will; … Read More

The Tour Launch

Did you know that FranchiZeManager is Australia’s most comprehensive franchise management software? Over the last 3 years we have created more than 20 modules (there’s a list below) that cover all the key functions you need as a franchisor. From … Read More

A New Name

Yes. We have officially changed our name from “FRm – Franchise Management System” to FranchiZeManager. Why? Well, we did a global launch earlier this year and in order to better protect our trademarks we decided to change our name to … Read More

Franchize Profile Integration Stage One Finished

Hatch is the exclusive distributor of the FranchiZe Profile in Australia, New Zealand and parts of Asia. For those who don’t know the FranchiZe Profile ( it is an online franchisee recruitment profiling tool that is used to select high … Read More

International Versions Coming Soon

We have been asked by a few off shore clients when our international version is coming out. The answer is “very soon”. The technology is basically ready. We mostly need to sort out invoicing and support. So when is that? … Read More

Version 2 is Now Ready

We have officially launched the new version of the FranchiZeManager. We have moved the first 3 clients across to the new system and the feedback received has been very positive. The best parts (based on client feedback) appear to be … Read More