Sample Franchise Recruitment Process

Franchise recruitment can be a complicated and in-depth process. We see a lot of client franchise sales processes and we often customise FZM to support those processes; template emails, auto-responders, information packs, online application forms, automation and of course board reporting and dashboards are common customisations.

We often get asked about what is the ‘best’ franchise sales/recruitment process. An of course it varies a lot depending on numerous factors such as:

  • the sale price of your franchise
  • the type of franchise
  • the number of franchise sales you need to make
  • the level of support you can offer

But regardless of these factors there are numerous items that always the same. We just published a pretty in-depth Sample Franchise Recruitment/Sales Process on our knowledge-base. It shows how your recruitment stages interact with FZM and how you can use the FZM system to support and automate your franchise recruitment workflow.

Feel free to download, use and adjust this process. If you contact as at support we can provide this is an editable format for you to adjust. Please note if you are republishing for a blog or any form of published article then you must quote the source as ‘FranchiZeManager’. You can download it here: Franchise Recruitment Process

Here is a sneak peak of what it looks like:

Visit the FZM Knowledge-base to view the full process. Visit Site


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