Franchise Recruitment (done right!)

This is how you should be managing your franchise sales process. This is super charged (best practice) franchise recruitment. 

Go through the list below, tick if you are currently doing it.
If you are missing even two of these then you’re wasting valuable time and money – it’s time to call us!


Have leads from ALL your sources load directly into your CRM (FZM). Including your website, Seek, Facebook/socials, directories such as Eden Exchange, etc. We don’t tell you how to do this, our support team will set it up for you. Read more…

Allocation Rules

Set up auto allocation rules based on the lead details to assign the lead to the correct person in your business. For example, if you want to send all QLD leads to Joe we can make that happen. With appropriate notifications as needed. Read more…


When a lead submits an enquiry, FZM will automatically reply with an immediate SMS and also an Email including your Franchise Information Statement (as required by ASIC). FZM will record the sending, the delivery receipt and even the statement download receipt so you have protection against any future ASIC enquiry. Read more…

AI Enabled SMS Chat Bots

Use AI and machine learning to fast track your lead interactions. FZM can deploy AI enabled assistants / chatbots (also deployed by SMS) to engage with your leads. They will get answers to initial qualification questions and work the right leads to the correct next steps. Read more…

Contact Attempt Tracking

Record your outreach contact attempts right within the system. Easy click-to-call buttons and measured outcomes mean you know your “lead quality” by source, answer questions like “are Seek or Facebook ads delivering better quality leads on a dollar for dollar basis?” Read more…


Need to supercharge your sales? Outsource your initial contact calls to our team. We will provide an immediate telephone call and pre-screening service, with notes added to the Candidate record.

Gather initial information on the Candidate to pre-qualify, and (if appropriate) we will set up 1st Call appointments with the Candidate and your staff. Using this service you get appointments for phone/zoom calls with pre-qualified leads placed straight into your Calendar, with notes recorded against the FZM Candidate record. Our phone team are not call-centre staff, they are experienced franchise recruitment consultants. Read more…

Online Meeting Schedules

Correctly leverage a free online booking system (we recommend and our template email system to supercharge the next part of the process.

Stop wasting time sending messages back and forth about setting up meetings. Candidates just click a link and choose an appointment time, with the details dropped straight into your Calendar. Combined with our automations below you can become 50% more efficient and reduce admin overhead. Read more…

Template Email/SMS

Leverage pre-written emails (and SMS). Let’s be frank, franchise recruitment is often sending the same email over and over again. In FZM you can pre-write all your emails for every stage of your recruitment process. Sending emails and working your pipeline becomes a very efficient process of Click and Send. Read more…

Online Document Signing

Send a Candidate documents for online signing. Using our SignRequest or DocuSign integration you can send your NDA (and other legal docs) right from the Candidate record in FZM. It just takes a few button clicks. The signed document is returned right back into FZM and stored against that Candidate record automatically. No emails, no downloads, no uploads, no scanning and no lost legal docs. Read more…

Online Application Forms

Gather Candidate information completely online. Don’t send PDF forms and stop storing Candidate info in email inboxes and shared drives. Send them a link, and the candidate completes your application forms online and submits the information. All results flow straight back into FZM, stored against the Candidate record with appropriate people notified. Read more…

Candidate Portal/HUB

Need to supercharge your Candidate discovery process? Deploy the FZM Candidate HUB add-on. In one click you provide Candidate access to FZM, we set-up your discovery and info collection pages as you want them. Make the Candidate view a video, ask them to complete questions or a business plan. Get them to upload important documents like credit checks, police checks, qualifications or working with children requirements. The HUB is completely customised to your franchise. Read more…

Psych Profiling

Candidates with the FranchiZePredictor – the world’s most respected franchise profiling tool, developed in Canada and used by 5 of the world’s top 10 franchisors. Completely integrated with your candidate record. With FZM you send a profile invite in two clicks, and when the Candidate completes the profile the report is automatically back in the system and stored against the Candidate record. Read more…


Set-up template invoices then quickly and easily send Invoices to Candidates for deposit fees, franchise fees, holding fees, service fees, etc. Remove the finance team from the sending process to speed up collection of deposits and get Candidates moving faster to Franchisees. Read more…

Customised Note templates

Obviously you can record interview and discussion notes against your Candidate record in free form. But sometimes (like during a 2nd interview) you need a more formal approach to make sure all the information you want is covered. In FZM you set up a Note Template, structured interview notes and checklists have never been easier. Read more…


Campaigns allow you to pre-write a drip campaign of email and SMS communications. Simply put a candidate on a Campaign and the email/SMS is taken care of automatically. Perfect for when you need to Hold a candidate but want to keep them warm. Read more…


Candidates get stuck in your recruitment process? Not getting documents returned or applications completed, meetings set, etc. These delays slow your process and ruin your annual targets and conversion rates.

Automations are your solution (we call them “nag routines”). Set up simple nag routines for when things don’t get done. For example if you’re missing an Application Form being submitted then, FZM can email/SMS automatically after 5 days, 7 days and 9 days. We can even schedule a follow-up task for an outbound call. Read more…


Get a complete dashboard view of your recruitment process and pipeline. Answer key questions with a button click. Understand where every candidate is at. How long it takes to recruit. What are the best lead sources, etc.

Access our great pre-built dashboards or for unique needs get our FZM Support team to build any report you need. Read more…

This is best practice franchise recruitment
We know because we support over 100 of the world’s leading franchise brands.
We do it every day, right here from our Sydney office.

We’ve implemented it for gyms, cafes, lawn mowers, cleaners, child care centres, pizza shops, and even banks, here in Aus, plus NZ, the US and the UK.

We can help you too.
Proven benefits for your franchise:
  • increase lead to franchise sale conversion rates massively
  • be less dependent on expensive human resources to do mundane manual jobs
  • free staff time for value adding discussions that results in more franchise sales
  • make your recruitment process run 24/7/365 with little human intervention
  • decrease your recruitment costs
  • improve your franchise brand’s positioning
  • get better franchisees.
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